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Business Management

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Most businesses fail to achieve their fullest potential—and many businesses never even arrive half way.  Why?  Because in their strategic focus on growing profits and amid the hustle and bustle of day-to-day operations, many owners fail to understand or naively overlook the important distinction between Business Planning and Ownership Planning.
This team will be able to assist the entrepreneur in developing a professional business plan.
Not surprisingly, the recent boom in online commercial activity has been accompanied by an increase in domain name disputes. Read the 6-part series that fully explains the issue and offers critical recommendations.
An investor plan is not the same as a business plan.  It is a short summary of the investment opportunity set forth in a one-page outline or “term sheet.”
No serious angel will consider the opportunity without a comprehensive plan.  There are multiple necessary components of the business plan...
Here's a case study of a company looking to improve customer service without taking on extra employees or investing in new technology.
More companies today understand the importance of knowing how their customers and prospects view their organizations. They also realize that customer viewpoints can change quickly. Here's how to gather customer data as objectively, accurately and quickly as possible ....
In these tough economic times, making sure the cash keeps flowing into your business is crucially important. To help you boost your coffers, this guide outlines 10 inexpensive and effective ways to boost your sales.
Finding the right angel can be laborious and time-consuming. 
Angels often provide seed capital when other options are not available.
Angel investors are a resource that can provide seed funding for start-up business ventures. They commonly prefer to take an equity position in the start-up, either directly through the issuance of shares or indirectly through other instruments that can be converted into shares. Many are motivated by the energy of young emerging companies and are willing to take risks that venture capitalists tend to refuse.
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