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Business Management

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Coming up with good story ideas is one of the toughest tasks in publishing a company newsletter. Here's a checklist of story sources to stimulate editorial thinking and help identify topics with high reader interest that help to promote the company.
Suppose you had responded to an advertisement from a manufacturer of forged steel valves and requested more information. How would you react to this reply?
Poorly written manuals have plagued computer users for decades.  Here are 10 guidelines for your manual writers to live by.
Direct mail, in the hands of a knowledgeable pro, can be a powerful promotion that builds an awareness of an event.  Here are 10 proven techniques for creating direct mail that works.
I’ve received a ton of unsolicited advice on how to make my Web site better.  Unfortunately, more than 90 percent of their suggestions are almost totally off the mark … and would be a complete waste of my time and money.
If you've ever heard your instructions, advice, or presentation repeated to you in distorted form by an employee, coworker, or colleague, you know what I’m talking about.  The success of many of our business activities depends on how well we listen.
To succeed in the corporate world, technical types have to learn to live with — even serve — nontechies. This article gives tips to help you get along with — and maybe even learn to like — people, whether the same as us or different.
The more valuable an owner is to a business while he/she is active in it, the less value the business has when the owner leaves…unless the owner has put in place people and processes that assure the business will stay prosperous.

Save yourself some headaches and see which important company documents your bank and insurer will need to get your new corporate bank account and insurance policy started.
Because the freedom of the internet conflicts with the territorial nature of trademark law, it is likely that most trademark owners, and most domain name registrants, will become involved in a domain name dispute.  Whether your business is the owner of a mark or a domain name, there are steps you can take to protect your property.
As with any team, the synergy of an advisory team is what optimizes the talents of each member and promises the best overall outcome for any enterprise. Use the annual advisors meeting to take full advantage of the complementary strengths of all team members and prepare the business for the year to come. 
The following tips will help preserve the relationship...
How to reclaim a domain name that may have been lost in a previous ruling...
Angel terms can be structured in a variety of ways but generally fall into one of three funding categories...
Everything you ever needed to know about cybersquatting and more...
Before delving into the development of an ownership plan, every business owner must first know where he/she currently stands in the business lifecycle—and the processes and protections presently in place. First things first: Conduct a directed legal audit to nail down the state of the business’ foundation. From there, you can establish the base points from which to launch forward planning.
A desired return of five to ten times their initial investment within a five year time frame is common.

Trademark basics

by on November 17, 2008 10:00am
in Business Management

What is a trademark, the Lanham Act, infringement, dilution and lawful trademark use?
When seeking a private investor, the entrepreneur should seek an investment partner with whom he or she can comfortably work and communicate

Domain name basics

by on November 10, 2008 10:00am
in Business Management

What is a domain name? The characteristics? And the registration process...
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