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Business Management

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Most business-to-business advertisers have smaller ad budgets than their counterparts in consumer marketing.  Here are 10 ways to get more out of your advertising dollars — without detracting from the quality and quantity of your ads and promotions.
One of the toughest questions beginning and experienced service providers wrestle with is: "How much should I charge?" Here are four important factors to consider when determining what to charge the client:
Better technical writing can result in proposals that win contracts, advertisements that sell products, instruction manuals that technicians can follow, and letters, memos, and reports that get your message across. Here are ten tips on style and word choice...
Three obstacles that prevent engineers, managers, and other professionals from turning out good technical prose are a lack of prewriting planning; mastering the writing process; and overcoming procrastination and writer's block. Let's take a look at ways to overcome these...

On target advertising

by on March 12, 2009 2:30pm
in Business Management

Through long years of experience, advertisers and advertising agencies have uncovered some basic principles of sound advertising strategy, copywriting, and design. The following are ten rules that I have gleaned from years of experience in the field:
Asked if he could write an effective direct mail package on a complex electronic control system, a well-known copywriter replied, “It doesn’t matter what the product is.  You are selling to people.  And people are pretty much the same.” Wrong.
The question is how does a company go after that end-of-FY trove? Well, here’s the good news. You don’t need a contract to go after the “low hanging fruit,” in government parlance “micro-purchases.”
To write catalog copy that sells, you have to understand the reasons why business customers buy from catalogs.  Below are six of the most powerful reasons managers, engineers, purchasing agents and executives turn to your business catalog.
Hiring a freelance copywriter is no small responsibility. Make the right choice, and you get great copy that brings in leads, sales, and profits.  Make the wrong choice, and you end up pouring thousands of dollars down the drain.
When creating a DM package selling a newsletter subscription, you know you’re going to have an outer envelope, a sales letter, an order form, and a business reply envelope. But what else? Here are the options available...
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