Deduct bonuses first, and then pay them later

  • January 31, 2012

If your company uses the accrual method of accounting for tax purposes, you can deduct accrued year-end bonuses in the current year as long as they are paid within...

Are you a serial LLC filer?

  • September 01, 2011

Q. I remember reading that serial LLC filings are not permitted by the IRS. Are there any new developments?

Removing hazardous waste? Clean up tax-wise

  • July 05, 2011

It may have flown under the radar, but the 2010 Tax Relief Act extends a key tax break for cleaning up hazardous materials on business property. Strategy: Finalize...

Sidestep a tax trap for intra-family loans

  • June 19, 2011

If your child is graduating from college or grad school, you’ll want the youngster to start off on the right foot. Strategy: Give your child a low-interest, or...

Get a sweeter tax deal on IRA wrap fees

  • May 18, 2011

A new private ruling provides the tax “icing on the cake” to IRA holders who pay wrap fees to their brokers. According to the ruling, wrap fees don’t...

Section 179 deductions: up against the wall

  • February 28, 2011

Q. If someone purchased a residential or commercial rental property in 2010, does he qualify for the Section 179 deduction for leasehold improvements included in the...

Are you an ‘average’ taxpayer?

  • July 15, 2010

The IRS recently provided data about itemized tax deductions claimed on 2008 returns in the Winter 2010 Statistics of Income (SOI) Bulletin. The SOI Bulletin may be...