Three keys to high-performance teams

  • January 01, 2005

In her new book, Contagious Success: Spreading High Performance Throughout Your Organization, Susan Lucia Annunzio identifies three characteristics that "consistently...

Encourage open, constructive dissent

  • December 01, 2004

“All the first-rate decision-makers I’ve observed had a very simple rule," says Peter Drucker:  “If you have quick consensus on an important...

Neil Armstrong’s nerves of steel

  • December 01, 2004

Early on, Neil Armstrong didn’t want to be an astronaut. From a young age, he wanted to design aircraft. He took up flying later because he thought a designer...

How to lead from the balcony

  • December 01, 2004

Early in their careers, leaders move up quickly because they can identify problems and solve them.

Lessons from ‘Band of Brothers’

  • November 01, 2004

Even in conversation, Maj. Richard “Dick” Winters shows the leadership traits that made him a key player on D-day and a pivotal character in the HBO World...

How Jon Gruden pounds the rock

  • November 01, 2004

As a graduate assistant at the University of Tennessee, football coaching prodigy-to-be Jon Gruden found himself passing a note to assistant coach Walt Harris during an...