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Though work mates care about you, they pay more attention to messages that show there’s something in it for them, says Susan Mason, a principal of Vital Visions Consultants.

“The reality is that there are a lot of people with their own needs and their own responsibilities,” says Mason.

So, for example, if you want something from your boss—whether it’s approval on a new printer purchase or a more flexible schedule—figure out what benefit she will realize. Figure out “What’s In It For Me?” from her perspective.

Mastering Office Politics covers every aspect of workplace survival, from climbing the career ladder to dismounting it on your terms. Divided into six sections that cover more than 99 workplace situations, Mastering Office Politics helps you navigate those shark-infested waters – and, if you need to, grow shark’s teeth of your own. Browse the book here...

“There’s a series of questions you’d ask yourself before crafting a message, so you’re setting yourself up to be successful,” Mason says.

Figure out the “WIIFM” message by asking yourself:

1. What reason will I give to justify using your valuable time to pay attention to my message?

“There has to be some benefit to her listening,” explains Mason. “Time is money. Maybe one benefit of listening to you is that you know how to get to the conversation goal quickly.”

2. What will my message do for you? How is it of value to you?

Mastering Office Politics outlines the Politics of Teamwork, including:
  • The 5 secrets to getting others on your side.
  • 4 methods to defuse tension and conflict.
  • 3 basics to building your new team.
  • Getting the back-stabber off of your back: 4 surefire moves you can make.
  • 4 tested tactics to motivate employees.
  • Following Mom’s advice: How to stay cool when office politics get hot.
  • What bullies do and how they do it: 3 ways to face down a bully.
  • 7 ways to handle a colleague who steps on your toes.
  • 5 tricks to working with people you hate.
  • 4 reasons why liars lie, plus 6 things you should do about it.
  • When all else fails: An EEO primer.
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3. How does my message compare with what she already knows? Is it telling her anything new?

“Do not tell people what they already know,” says Mason. “They stop listening. Start with an understanding of what she already knows and talk from there. It makes her want to actively process along with you.”

4. Does my message offer a solution to a current challenge?

“This is Working 101, but in business you don’t go in with a problem unless you’re willing to put a suggestion forward,” she says. “So if your message offers a solution, make that clear. This is an opportunity to show you’re smart, to show your analytic powers, speed and can-do attitude.”


Whether you’re a man or a woman … 26 and hoping to rise, or 66 and not yet ready to fall … a foot soldier with dreams of becoming a captain, or a captain with dreams of becoming a general … Mastering Office Politics can help you master:
  • The Politics of Advancement
  • The Politics of Removing Roadblocks
  • The Politics of Teamwork
  • The Politics of Executive Leadership
  • The Politics of Change
  • The Politics of Managing Difficult Employees
  • And Much More!

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