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What’s your theory of influence?

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“The core of leadership is intentional influence,” says Chick-fil-A COO Tim Tassopoulos. He knows that his success depends on whether his employees behave in ways that improve results.

In a recent study of how more than 1,000 leaders influence behavior change in their companies, these commonalities emerged:

1. Successful influencers spend as much as half their time thinking about and actively trying to change employees’ behavior.

2. They have a theory of influence that is articulate and repeatable.
They can answer the question, “How do you change the behavior of a large group of people?”

3. They go beyond talking.
Most influence efforts start with PowerPoint presentations. But persistent problems demand more than a slide deck.

4. They don’t believe in silver bullets. An inspiring poster, color-changing mug or star-studded retreat isn’t going to create lasting change. Deeply ingrained bad habits cannot be obliterated with a single gimmick or tactic.

— Adapted from “Leadership: Intentional Influence,” Joseph Grenny, BusinessWeek.

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