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Florida ranked as one of the nation’s business-friendliest states in the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council’s (SBEC) Business Tax Index for 2009. The SBEC annually assesses the tax climates for business and entrepreneurs in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Florida’s No. 6 ranking means only five states have better tax environments for business.

The index included rankings of the top personal income tax and individual capital gains rates in each state. Florida doesn’t have either, tying it for first.

Also rated were top corporate income tax rates (Florida came in 15th at 5.5%), top corporate capital gains tax rates (17th at 5.5%) and sales, gross receipts and excise taxes as a share of personal income (43rd at 4.39%).

Other factors included unemployment tax rates as a share of state average pay (Florida ranked fourth at 0.94%), state gas taxes (48th at 34.5 cents per gallon), and diesel taxes (38th at 29.8 cents per gallon).

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