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1-Minute Strategies: July ’09

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Give those URLs a trim. Keep web site links short and sweet by using a URL shortener. It converts long, cumbersome addresses in 25-character-long links. Try Tinyurl.com, Bit.ly, Is.gd or Tr.im.

Show your e-mail skills by avoiding supersize attachments when you send e-mail. Rather than attaching jumbo files to messages, create links to files hosted on sites like drop.io (free) and filedropper.com ($1 to $10 per month).

Use the subject line to identify different categories of e-mail. Many offices use some variation on this system. Insist that everyone in your office use the same system to streamline communication. Example: “RAL” for “read at your leisure,” “NRN” for “no response necessary” and “RR” for “reply requested.”

Feel more rejuvenated after a summer vacation by coming home on a Saturday, so you can spend time Sunday catching up on mail, e-mail and voice messages. It will make Monday morning a lot less hectic.

Begin your daily planning at the same time every day to create an unbreakable habit. Review past accomplishments as well as future to-dos.

Focus on the questions you ask others.
Why? The quality of the information you receive depends on the quality of your questions.

Put those walking shoes on. Lunchtime walkers can keep track of how many calories they burn with a mashup called Gmaps Pedometer (www.gmap-pedometer). Just click points on a Google Map to see the route’s length and calorie-cutting payoff.

Paint a mental picture for your colleagues showing what you’re all working toward, so they’ll feel better about the work they do. The better people feel, the happier the workplace, right? Example: “If we can send out the client letters by tomorrow, we’ll actually exceed their expectations—and reinforce our reputation for outstanding customer service.”

Want more effective teams? Keep some distance between one member and the rest of the team, says an article in Organization Science. When one member is in a different location, it forces the group to be more conscious about including that person. The result: better and more productive communication.

Make your boss look good by helping her track and keep promises. She may accept an action item during a meeting or short phone call without writing it down. That’s where you come in. As Joyce Gioia, president of The Herman Group, told Monster.com, “When an admin hears me making a commitment to someone, I want them to make sure I keep the commitment.”

Lighten your load by ridding yourself of obligations that make you cringe when you see them. Examples: committee work that no longer is rewarding or a social engagement you’re genuinely regretting.

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