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by Jathan Janove, Esq.

If you’ve ever been caught up in an employment lawsuit, chances are you couldn’t wait for it to be over. Pass the kidney stone and forget it! Yet every case presents a valuable opportunity to prevent future problems and improve HR effectiveness by conducting an “autopsy” of the claim.

Here’s an example of a recent post-mortem I hosted with a client (with names changed to protect the “guilty”).

The case:
Following her discharge, “Sandra” sued my client for sex discrimination and retaliation. Nearly two years later, both sides settled the case.  The amount of time and money spent caught the CEO’s attention. He called a post-mortem meeting of all managers. I played coroner.

In “dissecting” the litigation, I described evidence of Sandra’s extremely low productivity, her rude way of speaking to co-workers and customers, and her use of work time to further her personal side business. Firing suc...(register to read more)

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