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The HR I.Q. Test: June ’09

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in Employment Law,Hiring,HR Management,Human Resources

1. The EEOC released a swine flu alert last month warning employers against:

    a. Discriminating against Mexicans or people who have been to Mexico.
    b. Asking disability-related questions and requiring medical exams at first stage of hiring
    c. Both

2. Eight years ago, 38% of executives said they checked in with work (either electronically or via phone) at least once a day while on vacation. What’s the percentage in 2009?

    a. 61%    b. 71%    c. 91%

3. About 1 in 5 Americans today has a disability, and the number is expected to increase as baby boomers age. What are the top three causes of disability (in order):

    a. Arthritis, back problems, heart trouble
    b. Heart trouble, back problems, cancer
    c. Back problems, cancer, arthritis

4. Only 10% of U.S. workers say that in 2009 they plan to:

    a. Ask for a raise
    b. Take a full two-week vacation
    c. Take a loan from their 401(k)

5. Fifteen years ago, retaliation claims accounted for 17% of all job discrimination claims filed with the EEOC. What’s the percentage today?

    a. 14%    b. 25%    c. 34%

6. Percentage of hiring managers who say a job candidate has used profanity during an interview:

    a. 21%    b. 43%    c. 76%

Sources: 1. EEOC; 2. Creative Group survey; 3. Centers for Disease Control; 4. survey; 5. EEOC; 6. survey.

Answers:      1. c      2. a     3. a      4. b      5. c      6. b

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