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Catch a second wind by tackling a task on your “Mind Like Mush” list. A time-management expert recommends creating the list for simple tasks. When your brain is drained, knock out an item or two, and feel your focus slowly return.

Is your boss an ‘allergic-to-details’ type?
Lots of bosses are famous for ignoring details— that’s why they have assistants, right? Workaround tips: Keep project files handy that contain details he or she is likely to need. It’ll save you from a mad rush to reconstruct information later.

Find travel deals by booking later. In spring, air travel and hotel rooms purchased on Travelocity.com cost less as travelers approach their travel dates, thanks to a lull in demand. As travel picks up this summer, last-minute price drops may fade away. If you do purchase well in advance, use Yapta.com, which tracks tickets and alerts you when prices drop enough for a refund.

Spruce up your administrative “portfolio” by adding a dash of visual material. Take that marketing material or corporate presentation you designed or put together (as long as it isn’t confidential) and post it onto an online photo-sharing and slideshow resource like Flickr or Picasa.

Believe a little self-knowledge goes a long way? Do a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis on yourself by visiting www.quintcareers.com/SWOT_Analysis.html.

Grow your leadership skills by reshaping your current job to find new challenges within it. Rethink your approach to a current responsibility, trade tasks with a colleague, or take on a role that is needed but currently left undone.

Recharge by goofing off at work. Setting aside time to goof off at work can relieve stress, improve morale and even help with team-building efforts, say experts. Plus, taking short breaks to let the mind rest can make employees 9% more productive, according to research at the University of Melbourne. Check out, rest and repair.

Clean up your printed copies of web pages—and save a tree while you’re at it. In most browsers, you can turn off the space-hogging information, like page numbers and URLs, in the Page Setup or Print box. Look for “headers and footers” settings. Instructions for many browsers are at snipurl.com/doww3.

Help a CEO meet the challenges of today’s competitive pressures by stepping up your communication skills. In a CEO survey by Vantage Research, 70% of leaders say they’re going back to basics and motivating staff with simple, yet effective rewards, such as verbal and written recognition.

Build a web site to flaunt your personal brand using Google Site (sites.google.com). It’s easier than you might think, and it’s free. You can create multiple pages and upload images, video or audio files. 

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