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Google keeps the cool tools coming: 4 smart add-ons

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Thanks to Google’s policy of allowing employees time each week to work on pet projects, the company is forever unleashing new tools to improve your googleability. Four new tools:

1. Translator: Need to translate a policy for Spanish-speaking employees? Plug in your text and choose the language.

2. Google Sets: You type in two or more things in a series, and Google completes the list. It comes in handy when you can’t quite recall the name of something (like Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers …).
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3. Google Reader: Rather than checking a news site every few minutes, use Reader to keep track of only what’s new. First, select the web sites or topics you want to follow, hit the Subscribe button, and Reader whips up a list of recent stories for you on a single page. No more clicking through each site.

4. Google Alerts: Going one step further than Reader, Google Alerts keep you current on what’s happening in your industry. Plug in search phrases, such as “FMLA intermittent leave” or “health care trends.” You receive an e-mail alert when news articles using those terms are posted online.
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Is Google's Chrome browser right for you?

Maybe it's time to download Google's new Chrome web browser. Here's why:

It’s fast. If you’re a “power user” (someone who spends lots of time on the web, with many windows or tabs open at once), you’ll appreciate Chrome’s speed. Other browsers slow to a crawl when you load several complex sites, but not Chrome.

It’s secure. Hackers have compromised Firefox, Safari and Explorer, but not Chrome.

It makes search even easier. If you type an address into the input bar—the bar at the top of the browser—you get a list of pages you’ve visited in the past and top search results from Google.

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