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1. The new ‘red flag’ rules that take effect May 1 require certain businesses to:
    a. Alert employees monthly to any potential new safety violations on company premises.
    b. Establish an identity-theft prevention program to protect consumers.
    c. Plant a red flag outside their offices if they laid off more than 30% of staff in the past year.

2. Percentage of HR professionals who say they’d reject a candidate for failing to send a post-interview thank-you note:
    a. 1%    b. 5%    c. 12%

3. Which type of discrimination claim has increased the most in the past two years?
    a. Disability (ADA)
    b. Race discrimination
    c. Age discrimination

4. Percentage of employers that have reduced their 401(k) matching funds during the recession:

    a. 12%    b. 26%    c. 39%

5. Which HR program is most likely to be on the budget chopping block this year?

    a. Morale/team building activities
    b. HR technology
    c. Tuition reimbursement

6. A new survey says 20% of men and 13% of women admit they’ve done what on work computers?

    a. Downloaded songs

    b. Watched a sports game 

    c. Downloaded porn

Sources: 1. FTC;  2. survey; 3. EEOC;  4. Watson Wyatt survey;  5. SHRM survey;  6. Book: Porn at Work

Answers: 1. b   2.b   3.c   4.a   5.a   6. c 

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