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The OREO approach

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What does an Oreo cookie cream filling have in common with administrative professionals? Everything! Without that cream, there’s no magic center that holds it together. You’re left with two chocolate disks sitting there waiting for something special to happen. The special ingredient: you.

Too often, administrative professionals downplay the incredible wisdom, skills and abilities they bring to the table. They may joke that their bosses couldn’t live without them, but when it comes to stepping up to the plate, that’s often another story.

Give yourself the credit you deserve by embracing the OREO approach.

Own your talents. Take the time to recognize how adaptable and flexible you truly are. Name a job that has changed as much as yours in the past 30 years. From typewriters with carbon paper to the daily use of software applications that include word processing, spreadsheets, databases and more, your ability to embrace technology is amazing! Daily interruptions are handled with care, and touchy subjects are handled with grace. Start noticing how every year you’re capable of doing more with less.

isk more often. Do you want to attend an off-site meeting to grow your career or the company to pay for your association membership? Take risks and ask! When you recognize the value that you bring to the organization, you’ll feel more empowered to make those requests known.

Eliminate the word “just.” Every time you introduce yourself as “just” an assistant, you set yourself up to be seen as less than a vital player in the workplace. Your role is “just” as important as anyone else’s in the company. Never forget that. Introduce yourself with confidence.

Overapologizing—avoid it. Too many women say “I’m sorry” when they’ve done nothing wrong. Replace “I’m sorry” with “Excuse me” because “sorry” implies fault and can make you look less than confident and capable.

Embrace the OREO approach and start taking ownership of your special ingredients and magic center that holds it all together. Even Nabisco knows how powerful admins are—ever heard of Double Stufs?!

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