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What makes the Internet useful is also what makes it so undeniably distracting: There’s no end to what you can find online. Luckily, a few browser add-ons that work with Firefox can help make web surfers more productive (all available at addons.mozilla.org):

1. E-mail Discipline:
Blocks you from spending too much time on personal e-mail and social-networking sites like Facebook. You’ll need to do productive work for two hours between “play” sessions. (You can always hit the “cheat” button to bypass the add-on’s rules.)

2. ReminderFox: Puts a to-do list, with deadlines, on the side of your browser. You can set up reminders to pop up, as well.

3. Procrastato: An experimental Firefox add-on, this one works off a blacklist of sites that you deem “time wasters.” If you visit one of the sites, it starts a timer in the background. After your allotted time, a pop-up message tells you to get back to work.

4. MeeTimer: Simply keeps tabs on how long you spend on each site, then breaks it up into percentages, so you can see where the bulk of your time goes.

5. LeechBlock: Lets you set up blocks of sites, then identifies which blocks you may or may not use at what times of the day. Think of it as similar to the parental settings you have on your TV.

— Adapted from “PC knows best: Tools to nag, remind, and track productivity,” Josh Lowensohn, CNET.

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