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Odds are your desk is a hub of organization. If that’s the case, you’re in the ideal position to create more value for your company by coaching others on ROO, or Return on Organization.

For example, you may keep a tickler file, but others may not even know what that is, much less how it could be helping them stay more organized and save time.

“Being more organized means having more time to be more effective and make more money,” writes small business expert Steve Strauss in USA Today. “It’s as simple, and as important, as that.”

Your task: Identify a few valuable tips, then share your expertise with others by offering a Lunch ‘n’ Learn on the topic, writing an article in the company newsletter or posting tips through e-mail.

Three ways to increase your ROO:

1. Outfit your workspace with the right tools. “Having the right work environment saves you time and money every day,” says Strauss. If you’re not set up with the right filing system, for example, it’s less likely that papers will find a home there. If you don’t have sticky notes handy, you can’t capture a brainstorm.

2. Set yourself up for mobility. Is your BlackBerry or smartphone set up with the right applications? Being able to respond quickly is increasingly important. “Notebooks are the best-selling computers right now for a reason,” says Strauss.

3. Know what your software can do. Many people invest in software but fail to take the extra time to learn it. One excellent source for admin professionals: Triad Consulting, whose consultants often lead software seminars for Microsoft and IAAP. You can download some of the sessions on Triad’s web site (www.triadconsulting.com).

Tip: Want to increase your ROO even more? See our special report, The Office Organizer.

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