Will county auditor get to review his own settlement check?

Back in 2004, Grimes County Auditor Sidney “Buck” LaQuey took a shine to Bridgette Massey, a district admin employee. He offered Massey, a single mother, $2 per hour more than she had been earning to come work in his office—even though she had no auditing experience.

Then, according to Massey, LaQuey began buying her gifts, including a washing machine and a used car. Massey said she insisted on paying for the car because she did not want to feel obligated to him.

Then, Massey said, LaQuey began visiting her home and told her he wanted to have an emotional and physical relationship with her.

Eventually, Massey began dating someone else, and La Quey allegedly started making her life at work miserable. Eventually, the retaliation became so bad she quit. She filed an EEOC complaint in 2006, followed by a lawsuit in 2007, alleging sexual harassment and retaliation.

Grimes County, admitting no wrongdoing and expressing ongoing confidence in LaQuey, recently settled the case for $38,500.

If LaQuey keeps his job, 2009 could be an awkward audit year.