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An admin stumbled over how to recognize and reward employees on her team, so she turned to our Admin Pro Forum. Here’s what other admins are doing:

Surf for rewards on these sites:
www.baudville.com, www.successories and www.thanks.com. And you also can find webcasts and newsletters on the topic at www.terryberry.com and www.octanner.com (the people behind the “Carrot Culture” concept).

Reward instantly by relieving the pain at the pump.
Says one admin, “I just read an article yesterday that said people are so stressed and worried about making ends meet that productivity is dropping like a rock. I suggest gift cards, cash, prepaid gas cards, etc.”

Flex your creative muscle by designing your own award.
One admin suggests personalizing an ordinary trophy, making it a much-coveted award:

“We have a Manager’s Cup award that is given monthly to the person who has made a significant contribution or shown leadership,” she says. “The award is your typical $25 trophy. Before the trophy is handed off to the next winner, the current winner has to add an item. This makes the trophy personal and unique! Some of the added items: a string of lights, a princess tiara, a toy motorcycle and a ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign.”

Present a U.S. flag that has flown over the Capitol
as a special reward. This suggestion comes from Jo Condrill, a former civilian leader at Army Headquarters and co-author of 101 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Instantly. “It is a unique, reasonably priced item that few people own,” Condrill says.  A certificate of authenticity is provided in honor of any special occasion you designate. Call your congressman’s or senator’s office and ask to purchase one.

Need more ideas? Here’s a quick stash of other rewards: Hand out your team’s favorite morning beverages; offer prime parking spots to employees who go the extra mile; send a basket of goodies to an employee’s home with a note of appreciation; “cc” your heroes in an e-mail to the CEO.

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