Feds issue new I-9 form: Start using it by Feb. 2

It will soon be time to trash those blank I-9 forms that you have stuffed in your files.

U.S. employers must begin using a revised version starting Feb. 2. Employers that use the current edition of the I-9 (dated 06/05/2007) after Feb. 2 may be subject to fines.

Since 1986, employers have been required to fill out an I-9 Form (Employment Eligibility Verification) within three days after hiring each new employee. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) proposed a revised edition on Dec. 17. The USCIS also revised the I-9 just over a year ago.

What’s new? The revised I-9 makes clear that employees can no longer show expired documents as proof of identification and work authorization. USCIS says expired documents are more prone to tampering.

Plus, three documents were eliminated from the list of acceptable documents: Forms I-688, I-688A and I-688B (Temporary Resident Card and older versions of the Employment Authorization Card/Document).

To learn more details and preview the new I-9 form, go to www.theHRSpecialist.com/I-9update. The USCIS says a working version of the new I-9 will be available on Feb. 2 at www.uscis.gov.