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How to coach ‘problem’ employees: A 4-step plan for managers

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management,Performance Reviews

When faced with a poor-performing or disruptive employee, it’s easy for supervisors to play the wait-and-see game and simply hope the situation will improve.

But problems rarely solve themselves. And that’s especially true with problem employees.

In most cases, problem employees left unattended will lead to deteriorating morale, weaker productivity and possibly even legal trouble. Effective supervisors must address such problems head-on.

The best method? Meet with employees right when you spot problem behavior or performance—don’t wait. In your discussion, focus on the following four steps to get the most from the meeting and to protect the organization from employees who may claim they weren’t treated fairly:


  • Precisely pinpoint the problem to the employee.
  • Focus on specific task outcomes and/or behaviors.
  • Use examples.
  • Reference previous conversations.

Example: “As we’ve discussed before, your backlog...(register to read more)

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