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Work you should consider bringing home

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The same tactics you use at work can help you get everything done at home. Some people, however, leave their work skills at work. What they should be doing, experts say, is setting goals, outsourcing tasks and reviewing performance, just like a workplace manager.

Five management techniques to keep the household running smoothly:

1. Write a mission statement. First, says Patrick Lencioni, author of The 3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family, decide as a family what makes you unique; these are your core values. Then figure out the family’s top priority. Now decide how you’ll use the answers to those first two questions in your everyday lives.

2. Break down the household into manageable “departments,”
such as Home and Property, Food, Family and Friends, Finances, Special Events, Time and Scheduling, and Self-Management (keeping the household manager healthy).

3. Get help when you need it by delegating, outsourcing or practicing what family manager coach Kathy Peel calls “executive neglect.” Perfection isn’t your goal.

4. Create systems so that every family member knows the tasks, knows how to do them and executes them like clockwork. Example: Set up a whiteboard in a central location for tracking everyone’s schedules.

5. Evaluate progress regularly.
Some families hold five-minute meetings while others have longer discussions about goals. Example: Lencioni and his wife use red, yellow and green stickers to indicate whether kids are on track with chores and other responsibilities.

— Adapted from “Management techniques we use at work also can help keep the family on track,” Mercedes M. Cardona, The Associated Press.

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