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Too comfy?

Beware of complacency

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Are you comfortable with your career? Too comfortable, perhaps? Beware of complacency, the “safe” manager’s biggest trap. When you spend too much time on the job yawning, you may need a healthy jolt to reawaken your drive.

Even stable, apparently secure jobs can vanish in the aftermath of unpredictable events. That’s why the best strategy is to recognize when you’re coasting. Here are the warning signs of complacency:

• You’re behind the curve of the newest trends and technologies in your industry and don’t want to play catch-up. You just don’t care as much about new developments.

• You’ve lost your will to network. You don’t go to association meetings as often, and when you do go, you don’t try to mingle and make new contacts.

• You’ve lost touch with former bosses and colleagues.

• You don’t make any effort to get to know new executives at your company. For all you know, your rival may be winning over the top brass while you sit idly by.

• Your mounting cynicism for your company and/or your business is harder to control. You let others know your increasingly negative feelings, convinced the whole time that you’re a fearless maverick who’s unafraid to speak the truth.

• You haven’t taken a fresh look at your résumé in over a year.

• You’re in open conflict with other managers, and you don’t care if top executives know.

• You haven’t scanned the classified ads in over six months. That means you don’t know your real worth in the marketplace.

• You rationalize when your projects run into trouble, you miss deadlines or your staffers make repeated blunders.

If any of these sound familiar to you, then you must stare down your complacency and regain your edge. Infuse your career with a newfound freshness by expanding your skills, networking more and raising the bar for your personal and professional goals.

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