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What to say when … –July 1997

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in Office Management,Records Retention

You’re requesting personal leave during a hectic time.

“I do not take this request lightly, and I realize it’s a busy time to be out. I wish I could simply put aside everything else in my life, but that’s impossible. I have made extensive plans to ensure that everything runs smoothly in my absence. My goal as a manager is to run a team that doesn’t need me around every day to operate at peak efficiency. Still, I never like to miss even one day.”

An office bully’s behavior offends you.

“What you do and how you act outside of the office aren’t my concern. But while you’re here, you’re expected to meet minimum standards of considerate behavior. I can give you numerous examples of how your actions on the job have not met those standards. Rather than lecture you, let me simply make one thing clear: Starting right now, no further lapses will be tolerated. Your personnel file will reflect this discussion, and I ask for your commitment to improve your behavior.”

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