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Launch a public relations campaign

Get publicity for you and your team

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Public relations usually applies to companies looking for good publicity. But you can borrow the same techniques to increase your visibility at work and trumpet your success. Here’s how:

Name your projects. If you’re developing an idea or heading a work team, choose an attention-grabbing name to describe it. A chief financial officer at a large company launched a series of discussion groups where senior executives mingled with a dozen randomly selected support staff. He called it “The Roundtable,” and he became known throughout the firm as its creator.

Gather third-party testimonials. Movie producers might proclaim their film as great, but the public may not care unless they read rave reviews. Similarly, you need to get others to do your bragging for you if you want to be believed. How? Request written feedback on the new system that you’ve designed to make everyone’s job easier. Ask the respondents for permission to distribute their responses. Then highlight what the most enthusiastic users say in a general memo.

Create a “buzz.” If you’re about to make an important presentation or announce a restructuring in your department, drop hints ahead of time to key people about how the changes will benefit them. Don’t mislead them, of course, but get them to buy into your plans by focusing on the positives. Your goal is to build anticipation for a major event and generate word-of-mouth enthusiasm.

Tap internal communication channels. Most organizations have a newsletter, voice mail or e-mail system that links employees. Take advantage of that vehicle to disseminate exciting information about your work and how it affects others. Provide updates on your team’s success, along with facts and figures.

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