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The Workplace Survival Guide

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in Dealing with Bosses,Office Management

If you want advice on how to guard against layoffs, fight off a dead-end position, decide whether to relocate for a new job or control your expenses, you’d probably shop for four different books. But George Fuller’s The Workplace Survival Guide (Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1996) gives you practical ideas for these career-oriented challenges and more.

The book’s best sections offer sensible career-advancement strategies. To get promoted, Fuller offers these suggestions:

Spread credit around. Rather than bask in the acclaim for your accomplishments, share the credit and build valuable alliances as a result. You want key colleagues to both support your ascent and help you when you’re under pressure.

Manage your boss. Identify what makes your boss happy, then deliver more of it! At the same time, take note of what displeases your higher-ups and take steps to minimize any action that will push them too far. Example: If you’re asked not to come to meetings without bringing the proper documents, heed the warning. Don’t merely commit this to memory—write it down to ensure that you don’t forget.

Document your triumphs. Keep a running log of all your achievements, a scrapbook that’s filled with financial exhibits, customer letters of appreciation, industry awards and other items. Don’t be bashful—fill the book with every piece of evidence you can find that attests to your fine work. Keep the book in a handy location, and invite your bosses to flip through it from time to time.

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