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Inject spirit into your team

Smart ways to pump ’em up

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in Leaders & Managers,Team Building

Stuck with a lifeless team? Wake members up with an infusion of energy.

Try these strategies to jolt them into action:

Change the scenery. Hold team meetings in a different, more inspiring setting. Rather than using the same dreary or sterile conference room, gather the group under a tree at a local park or reserve a private room at a nearby library. The unusual backdrop will add a freshness to the proceedings that should increase the team’s energy level.

Launch a fun tradition. Replace the monotonous routine with something unique. One manager began hosting monthly ice-cream socials at his home for team members and their families.

Other examples: Create a “trivial pursuit”- type game in which employees who answer the most questions right at each team meeting win a prize, or choose a different individual each time to open the meeting with an informal presentation on the team’s progress.

Give ’em money. Allot a small amount, say $50, for each team member to spend in any way he or she wants, on one condition: The investment must benefit the team, not the individual. Let members pool their funds or spend the money on their own. Then, when the team next convenes, go around the room and let participants explain how they spent the money. Whether they’ve purchased new equipment or are planning a party, you’ll discover a whole new level of enthusiasm.

Create group art. Buy a huge piece of poster board and let the group draw whatever they want on it to create a collaborative “work of art.” Then post the finished work in a visible place. Alternate idea: Invite them to bring in their baby photos and post them on a bulletin board.

Encourage teammates to see each other as fully dimensional people, and you’ll infuse them with a newfound camaraderie.

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