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Banking on talent to deliver results

WS talks to the ex-chairman of Citicorp, Walter Wriston

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Walter B. Wriston is among the most influential American business figures of the 20th century.

Wriston, who retired as chief executive and chairman of Citicorp in 1984, led a huge financial institution through revolutionary changes. The way you bank today—such as using an ATM—largely came about as a result of Wriston’s vision and leadership.

In this interview with Working Smart, Wriston reflects on the lessons he has learned about managing people.

WS: You’re known for consistently hiring winners. What’s your secret?

Wriston: We paid no attention to race, gender or the color of a person’s passport. We looked for high IQ and high motivation. Problem is, the brighter people are, the more difficult they are to manage. The real geniuses have a problem with multiple-choice questions because they can think of reasons why all four choices are right.

WS: It must be tough to fill an organization with all these sharp people.

Wriston: W...(register to read more)

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