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The hard truth by 'Z':The right title for the right job

Separating business issues from ego problems

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in HR Management,Human Resources,Leaders & Managers,Management Training

It’s always great to tell one of my managers that I’m giving him a promotion. We talk pay, office size, staffing—all that fun stuff.

I might give him everything he wants and more, and after a few minutes he’ll be giddy with excitement. But then he’ll ask, “What will my new title be?”

It’s easy to understand why he cares. He’s thinking long term. If he leaves the company, he wants to be able to impress headhunters and potential employers with a fancy title. It can be an instant credibility builder, a simple way to let the world know just where he ranks on the importance scale.

A top priority?

The irony is that inside this organization, titles mean nothing. In fact, they mean less than nothing—they’re downright misleading!

I take the blame for that. While I realize that managers want to feel pride whenever they pull out their business cards, I like to think that there are more substantive ways for them to measure their worth. ...(register to read more)

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