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Use these tactics to heat up your team

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“Hot teams” improvise, do more work with less supervision and make the extra effort to follow through.

Management consultant Laurence Haughton offers this advice for turning ordinary groups into hot teams:

1. Let them bend the rules. Intended to streamline and safeguard work, rules can hamstring the team when common sense calls for exceptions. Before setting rules, ask if they’re really needed.

2. Lighten up. Embarrassing employees in front of the team will only come back to bite you. Mean bosses think they’re holding people accountable, but they’re really inciting payback.

3. Try a little tenderness. If you like your people and show it, they’ll enjoy helping you when crunch time comes.

4. Listen, both one-on-one and in groups. Listening helps you correct misinformation, relax barriers, increase trust and help people feel good about what they do for a living.

5. Make it their mission. Even when a project is not terribly exciting, you can make the work more engaging. Creating roles for each person, for example, gives them a sense of being special.

6. Let them decide. Allowing people to devise their own processes boosts morale. Just make sure those processes keep improving.

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