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The hard truth by 'Z': How I prove myself

CEOs need to earn credibility, too

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

There’s a big misconception out there about what makes a great CEO. Ask most employees in any industry to define the ideal chief executive, and they’ll say, “He or she should be able to do everyone’s job, only better” or “Our CEO should know more about this business than anyone else.”

In truth, however, it doesn’t matter whether the person in charge knows diddly- squat about the details of the business. And a great CEO certainly doesn’t need to know how to do everyone’s job.

I’m living proof. I had to run a subsidiary of our parent company that made products that I knew nothing about. The employees scoffed when they heard I didn’t know their business.

I learned that in order to prove myself, I couldn’t possibly pretend to know what everyone actually did there all day. And I couldn’t play the philosopher- king, either, because I knew basically nothing about the business and I had no grand vision.

So rather than let the gripin...(register to read more)

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