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What to do when attendance, morale collide

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in FMLA Guidelines,Human Resources,Meeting Management,Office Management,Payroll Management

Rigid attendance policies can backfire. Staffers may resent feeling penalized—in the form of lost incentives or reprimands—for circumstances beyond their control that forced them to miss work. Try these tips to manage absenteeism:

Offer to help. Rather than blame or ostracize a frequently absent employee, discuss the cause and propose solutions. Example: If the worker cares for an ailing parent, provide information on community resources such as volunteer nurse programs that can lighten the employee’s load.

Dangle paid time off. Reward employees who deliver superior results with time to themselves. This gives conscientious staffers a chance to earn the right to be absent.

Avoid double standards. Morale will suffer if managers are exempt from attendance policies that apply to support staff. Hold everyone accountable under the same guidelines.

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