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A drive to succeed

Janine Bay capitalizes on her strengths as innovator, collaborator to stand out from the pack

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In the 25 years since she joined Ford Motor Co., Janine Bay has climbed the ladder to become director of vehicle personalization for the automotive consumer-services group. From her office in Ford’s Dearborn, Mich., headquarters, she manages 177 employees, including 70 in Europe and 12 in Asia.

WS: After you joined Ford in 1976, did you plot a career path?

Bay: Not really. I just made the most of every job I had. Eventually, people here saw that I could take initiative and work well in an unstructured environment. Over the last 10 years, there’s only been one job that existed before I went into it. With the rest, I’ve been told, ‘We need someone to do X, Y and Z. Go create a position.’

WS: How did you earn so many promotions?

Bay: I had an executive coach awhile back who helped me. Now usually, a coach might interview you and then focus on what you need to change or what you don’t do quite right. But my coach forced me to fo...(register to read more)

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