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Triumph of the ‘we’ spirit

Dean Jernigan insists on teamwork

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As founder, chairman, CEO and president of Storage USA Inc., the country’s second-largest self-storage company with $250 million in revenue, Dean Jernigan understands how to create a team. Jernigan, 55, likes to surround himself with folks who show desire and can-do attitude.

WS: What kind of leadership qualities do you look for in your employees?

Jernigan: I like to see people who are not looking to be led, who don’t bring you a problem without also offering two or three solutions to choose from. I also look at someone’s face in hopes of seeing bright eyes, a pleasant smile, a look of energy and confidence.

WS: But many employees have those qualities. What are some rare traits that only true leaders possess?

Jernigan: Finding someone with a real can-do attitude is hard. There are enough people out there who tell us why we can’t do things. But it’s a rare employee who accepts a challenge even if I don’t think he can accompli...(register to read more)

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