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Give IT pros wide berth

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in Meeting Management,Office Management

The motivational tools you use with most workers, such as handing out baseball caps with the company’s logo, won’t work with most info technology (IT) people. They don’t respond to traditional motivational techniques, says BlessingWhite, a research and consulting firm.

Many IT workers identify with the Greta Garbo credo: They want to be left alone. Follow these guidelines:

Appeal to their tribe. Technology professionals tend to identify with their profession, not their employer. They often exhibit tribal instincts, such as loyalty to Macs.

Indulge their need to belong to a club. Ask them to train your novice tech workers.

Collaborate on goals. Tech pros resist mandates. While salespeople and support staff may thrive on accepting your challenge to exceed certain production levels, your IT crew will work harder if you let them set their own objectives.

Be flexible. Technology people are mavericks. They enjoy working for bosses who give them independence. As much as possible, let them call the shots over the conditions, pace and content of their work. Permit them to work strange hours, experiment with programming shortcuts and treat staff meetings as optional.

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