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Ready or not, manage your emotions at work

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Women are way too emotional at work. Heard that stereotype before?

The truth is, emotions come into play at the office every day, and not only for women. The biggest difference: Men are more likely to curse behind the steering wheel than dissolve into tears in the conference room.

To beat the bad rap, women need to find a way to manage emotions, not tune them out entirely. After all, emotional intelligence can actually make us more successful on the job.

Three ways to manage emotions at work:

1. Don’t take it personally. Geraldine Ferraro might still have a political career if she hadn’t wept in front of the nation after some partisan bashing.

If your manager moves some of your work over to another admin, for example, it doesn’t mean you’re worthless. He’s just doing what makes sense for the business.

2. Follow the 10-second rule. When you feel the anger rise, take a five-second breath in and another one going out. By the second breath, you should be calm enough to discuss it without sounding furious.

If you have more time, run that angry e-mail by your husband or best friend before sending it to your boss. They’ll tell you whether you sound rational or not.

3. Know when to walk away. When you feel tears welling up, beat a path to a bathroom stall. Crying doesn’t install confidence or respect. Pity, maybe. But who wants to be pitied by her manager?

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