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Training tips from a training pro

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Make sure that whenever you train junior admins or new hires, your words stick like glue. Use these tips offered by professional trainer Bob Pike:

Deliver key points at the beginning and end of your session, and reinforce in the middle. Reason: Learners remember the first thing best, and the last thing second-best.

Revisit, but don’t review. When you say, “Let’s review,” listeners will know you’re going to repeat something they’ve already heard, and they’ll start to zone out. Instead, revisit the topic in a new way to drive home your point.

Example: “Here’s another example of when you’ll find the company intranet useful.”

Roll out concepts in related chunks. Example: “All the issues raised by a new procedure are one chunk,” Pike proposes. “The solutions would be another.”

Define where one chunk ends and the next begins by taking a short break and asking a question (see next point).

Use openers and closers. Before launching into a new training topic, use an icebreaker to put your trainee at ease.

Example: “Here’s some trivia: Which of our vice presidents used to be in a barbershop quartet?” End it with a summary idea, so trainees feel they’ve learned something.

Test the learning with informal questioning or by presenting a scenario that calls for problem solving. Example: “So, what would you do if a VIP customer needs help right away and none of the senior execs is here to handle the request?”

Record and recall. Participants remember better what they say aloud or write down. Provide exercises that require writing, checklists or even drawing.

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