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Q. “How do I make my manager understand that I want more responsibility?”

When a reader posted this question on the Admin Pro Forum, we recognized the refrain immediately. Dozens of admins have written to Admin Pro expressing similar feelings: I’m not challenged. I’m bored. I’m tired of all the paperwork. I’m being undermined by older workers. I’m being pushed aside by younger workers. I need a change. I need more!

Those admins may sound like they’re ready to throw in the towel. More likely, though, they’re simply desperate for career development. And odds are, they don’t need to brush off their résumés just yet.

“We talk about this same issue with management, the idea of ‘developmental assignments,’” says Cynthia McCauley, a senior fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership.

“That is, not thinking that the only way to grow is to take on a promotion or a new job,” she explains. “We help people think about ...(register to read more)

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