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No excuses for not networking

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

For your people’s sake—or for yours—let’s blow up these four excuses for not networking:

Excuse 1. I don’t have a network. Reality: Everyone has a network. In fact, people are born with networks.

Excuse 2. Networking is nothing more than using people for my own advantage. Reality: Networking lets people share information, ideas, referrals and support.

Excuse 3. People should know how to assist me without my needing to ask. Reality: If you don’t ask people for help, the answer is always ‘No.’

Excuse 4. I don’t have enough to offer. Reality: If you consider your knowledge, contacts, abilities and resources, you’ll see that you bring a lot to the table.

— Adapted from “Whom You Know and How to Use Them,” Susan RoAne, Inc.

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