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Play Jack Stack’s ‘Game of Business’

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Jack Stack invented the Great Game of Business, a form of open-book management that aims to persuade people to pull together with an ownership and growth mentality.

Here, in a nutshell, are the Game’s main objectives:
  1. Live up to your end of the employment bargain. You take on a big responsibility when you hire somebody. As much as possible, Stack wants employees to choose whether they leave the organization, not managers. To that end, he established a contract: Everything the organization does is based on a common understanding that job security is paramount.

    “We owe it to one another,” he says, “to keep the company alive.”

  2. Do away with “jobs” and the “employee” mentality. How often have you heard “All we ask is that you do the job”? Stack says work means more than that. People should look forward to their work each day, to feel that they’re going somewhere.

    “To do that, you have to get people to dream,” he says. “You have to show them that there really are pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

    The first step is for people to think and act like owners, not employees. And the first step toward that, he says, is constantly teaching about the business.

  3. Create and distribute wealth. One thing that scares Stack about the U.S. economy is the trend toward downsizing. To his mind, opportunities are endless, so employees should never be seen as liabilities but as sources of productivity and wealth.

    “If you have people who know how to make money,” he says, “you’ll win every time.”

    To do that, you have to educate all employees in how to grow the business and generate cash, and then you have to distribute the wealth fairly.
— Adapted from The Great Game of Business, Jack Stack, Currency Doubleday.

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