Recruit & retain the Marine way

Run down this Marine Corps recruiting checklist to make sure you’re doing everything you can to attract and keep the best people:
  • Build a human resources department of true believers. Marine Corps recruiters are the “kingdom’s best knights.”

  • Make the challenge of joining part of the appeal. If your team has the mystique of excellence, it’s not tough to demand hard work.

  • Offer a “buddy system” so that new people can figure things out together.

  • Use renewal contracts and bonuses to cut a career path.

  • Introduce a “tour of duty” concept to cross-training and far-flung assignments.

  • Don’t rush to “snag” a qualified candidate. You don’t want warm bodies; you want commitment.

  • Place hiring and training under one senior manager.

  • Make HR a rite of passage for your managers. They are the gatekeepers and they should represent the organization and its glorious history.

  • Give HR all the tools to attract the best. The company that wants to be revered needs to make each recruit feel special.

  • Keep HR actively participating in the employee’s career planning.

  • After the “matchmaking,” make sure HR continues to care about employees’ well-being. When was the last time HR called just to see how you’re doing?
— Adapted from Semper Fi: Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way, Dan Carrison, Rod Walsh, Amacom.