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Leadership is a team sport

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In case you were clinging to the idea that leaders fly solo, new evidence indicates they don’t. Research from the British management consulting group Cognosis shows that leadership teams are four times as important as individual leaders in developing strategy.

The leader’s job is to “catalyze and orchestrate his or her top team,” says a Cognosis managing partner. After the leader conveys the strategy and clears the path, the team takes over.

The basic concept: “I don’t run the company,” says Wal-Mart chief executive Lee Scott.

What’s more, the best teams consist of various personalities, including people who are primarily creative, collaborative, rational or practical. That’s a feat to accomplish in a world where leaders tend to surround themselves with managers in their own image and likeness.

But now that you know how the game is played, you can power up your team and win.

—Adapted from “At last, some good news for leaders: you are not alone,” Stefan Stern, Financial Times.


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