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Limit your mission to three priorities

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You may have a hefty to-do list, but each item on it should support one of three—and only three—work priorities that you’ve set, says Chuck Martin, head of NFI Research.

That goes for leaders at all levels of the organization. Once everybody knows those three priorities, anything they do in a day, a week or a month pertains to the three priorities. If not, they’re probably doing the wrong things.

Example: MasterCraft manufactures boats in Vonore, Tenn. The company’s leaders wanted to align the whole organization: manufacturing, marketing, sales, etc. So, they created a vision statement about the company’s mission, then everyone on staff determined what they did to fulfill that mission.

As a result, people found meaning at work instead of simply carrying out tasks. They were encouraged to go to the CEO if someone told them to do something that didn’t fit the mission.

Results: profits, focus and success.

— Adapted from “Tough Management—Part 2,” Lois Flowers, Leadership Wired, www.injoy.com/leadershipwired/.

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