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Three lessons from John Paul II

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

Vatican-based journalist John Allen spent six years observing Pope John Paul II as the pontiff went about his daily routines.

Here are three leadership practices Allen noted in John Paul:
  1. Leave some things undone. Because you can’t do everything that is expected of you, choose your activities carefully.

  2. Prepare and analyze where you’re going. Several of John Paul’s initiatives—such as reaching out to Jewish leaders after centuries of chilly relationships between Jews and Catholics—were carefully planned over long periods of time.

  3. Let your reach exceed your grasp. Greatness resides in reaching toward things that you know will not be possible. Pope John Paul II was not able to end the Vatican’s frictions with the Eastern Orthodox Church, for example, but he moved in that direction. That laid groundwork for his church in the future.
— Adapted from “Leadership lessons from John Paul,” John L. Allen, National Catholic Reporter.

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