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We wish you a merry recruiting season

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Think you’ve got no time during the holidays for recruiting, and that nobody’s looking for work, anyway? Wrong!

December and early January may be among the best times to hire. Year-end is when busy people pause to reflect on their careers, set goals and consider new paths, says Right Management Consultants VP Katherine Ponds.

In fact, the people you want most — the “talented one-tenth” already happily employed — may be experiencing a lull in their schedules and will take the time to hear your pitch.

“Ferreting out good candidates never changes,” says career coach Deborah Brown-Volkman.

Plus, if you want to consider those who are actively on the market, you’ll find that the motivated people are looking at this time of year, while the unmotivated ones have stopped.

So, dig in. Here’s how:
  • Make the rounds at holiday networking events, where many experienced people turn out as a way to reconnect with their colleagues.

  • Send out word among your people that you’re looking to hire someone extraordinary.

  • Drop a holiday card to good people you know who are happily employed. Ask how they’re doing, and whether they know anyone who’s looking. You may get a welcome surprise.

  • Rattle the cages of headhunters and outplacement specialists, who may be hungrier and more helpful at this time of year.

  • Refuse to lower your standards. Cold air won’t buff up a mediocre candidate.
—Adapted from “Yes, ’tis the hiring season,” Lucy Webb, Washington Business Journal.

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