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Use online tests to find the best customer-service workers

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Customer-service workers are the face of your company, and they’re especially vital at smaller businesses. So, don’t just rely on a résumé and a good first impression to choose such employees. A new breed of low-cost online tests can help you determine who has the right stuff.

Without good customer service, you miss out on opportunities for bigger sales. In one Harris Interactive study, 85 percent of respondents said they’re “somewhat or very likely” to buy more from a company if they encounter good customer service. Courtesy and product knowledge are the two key components consumers look for in customer-service staff.

Here are four good sources of new online testing to help you pick a winner:

1. The Customer Service Job Fitness Test assesses skills and personality traits. Go to www.psychtests.com (click Career, then Complete list of tests). Applicants take the test online, and you order the results for $10.

2. The Profiles Customer Service Survey tests for qualities such as people skills, courtesy, persuasiveness and perseverance. Go to www.evaluationslc.com (click Online assessments, then Profiles and then Customer service survey).

3. The Customer Service Diagnostic Questionnaire tests telephone etiquette, trust, rapport building, active listening, problem solving and defusing anger. Go to www.saleshelp.com (click on Customer service training).

4. The Customer Service Aptitude Profile covers personality traits crucial to providing good customer service. Go to www.creativeorgdesign.com (click Customer service tests).

Note: To locate customer-service training videos and DVDs, go to www.trainingabc.com or www.rctm.com.

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