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Employees dodge bullet, foil retail robbery

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in Compensation and Benefits,Human Resources

When a masked man pulled a gun on employees as they opened an Aaron Rents store in Atlanta and demanded cash, the workers complied, handing over roughly $5,000.

But when the robber, Shawn Henderson, asked for more, the employees decided to fight back. After a struggle, in which one employee was injured, the workers managed to disarm and subdue Henderson until police arrived.

While this robbery had a relatively fortunate ending (for everyone but Henderson, who wound up in the hospital and then in jail), the employees could have been killed.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace homicides climbed 13% in 2007, with significant increases among workers in retail sales. Past studies have shown that most workplace homicides result from robberies.

The city of Decatur offers a useful robbery-prevention guide that business owners and managers can use to educate employees on what to do—and what not do—in case of a robbery. Download your copy at www.decatur-ga.com/client_resources/cgs/citysvcs/police/robberyprevention06.doc.

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