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Salary negotiating: Ask for—and get—that raise

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training,Salary Negotiating,Workplace Communication

You love your work, but you’d like it even better if you made more money. Three tips:

1. Find out what everyone else is earning. Salary.com may prove useful, as well as OfficeTeam’s “Salary Guide.”

2. Listen to the experts. Michael Donaldson, author of Fearless Negotiating, claims that a bad job market can be a good time to get what you want—and deserve. Why? Everyone else might be too afraid to attempt any salary negotiating and push for a raise.

Brazen Careerist author Penelope Trunk says: “Getting a raise is about conveying to the office that you’re a superstar.”

3. Put the fire in your belly. Failure to negotiate an additional $5,000 at age 22 will cost a woman $500,000 in total lost wages by age 62, reports Shine (shine.yahoo.com).

Bottom line: Don’t wait. Now’s as good a time as any to negotiate a raise.

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