Convincing management to create a new position

Q. I’m an administrative assistant at a fast-growing firm. Our office could benefit by hiring a junior marketer to help our one overworked salesman. I’m taking marketing classes to improve my skills. How can I convince management to create this position and promote me into it?

A. Lay the groundwork by asking lots of smart questions, such as: What kind of sales growth are we shooting for in fiscal 1999? How do you intend to ramp up sales given our competitors’ moves? What are our short- and long-range marketing plans?

You’ll show that you’re a curious employee with a grasp of marketing. Then identify the three most compelling reasons why your bosses should name you a junior marketer. Begin by grabbing a pad and listing all the reasons why you think a junior marketer can help your company’s bottom line. Then consider the senior executive whom you’ll be persuading. Step into this person’s shoes and ask yourself, “From among my list of reasons, what are the top three?” Those three will serve as your road map.