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Buck up, buckeroo

Don’t play wait-and-see with your career

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in Dealing with Bosses,Office Management

Career advancers seize initiative and shape their destiny. They set shortand long-term goals and take steps to attain what they want, rather than pout and wait for good things to happen to them.

Instead of telling themselves that “I’m underpaid” or “They just don’t listen to me,” go-getters take charge and think “I’ll prove my true value” or “I’m going to make them listen.”

The way you talk to yourself largely determines whether you’re taking an active view of success or avoiding the necessary commitment. Here’s how to tell:

What’s your beef? Listen to how you complain about your job or your career. If you use phrases such as “I want to be put in a position to get ahead faster” or “I can’t get a break here,” then you’re digging yourself into a hole.

Such statements suggest that you’re a spectator in your own life, watching as events swirl around you. It’s better to focus on how you can identify new opportunities, not be put in a position by someone else. And rather than lament how you can’t get a break, ask yourself what actions you can take to cut a break for yourself.

Who’s to blame? When you face a setback, you’ll rebound faster if you take responsibility. Lashing out at others only magnifies the problem and delays your ability to respond positively.

Ask yourself what obstacles lie between you and the promotion you covet. Next, assess whether those barriers are beyond your control or whether they’re thinly disguised excuses for not committing to excellence. If you habitually blame bad bosses or cranky co-workers for your own poor work, you’re letting yourself off the hook and sabotaging your success.

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